The Adventures of Starlight and Sunny is Ashley's big debut. What began as an impromptu daily discussions with her two young daughters, it slowly blossomed into a best-selling children's book series. She's currently working on her untitled natural life and health related guide. We can't wait to see what imaginative yarn she weaves next! Learn More
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Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Kit

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Easy Stick Window Sun Shades

Your search is over! We at Starlight and Sunny solve this. The Easy Stick Window Sun Shades are specifically designed with the highest quality material with an SPF 30, shielding from harmful UV rays and sun glare

Starlight and Sunny Book Series

Teaching your children real life lessons and skills can be as easy as reading our books. Lets see how your children’s questions and comments can make for better bonding, learning experience and atmosphere.

Starlight and Sunny Inc

The Adventures of Starlight and Sunny

Building a Dream
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I am me ! Who are you ?
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Santa is Coming !
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Best Seller

Starlight and Sunny Inc

Easy Stick Window Sun Shades by Starlight and Sunny

Starlight and Sunny Inc

Story Time

Starlight and Sunny Inc

The Adventure of Starlight and Sunny


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  • Worth every penny! I used these for my dog in the car. Please keep in mind I don't leave my dog in the car when its hot, only when the temperatures are tolerable. This shade has helped keep the sun off of him as he lays in the back seat. Suction cups to keep the shades in place have worked perfectly and no problem with them sticking or sliding. Easy to fold back up when you are done with them or to take with you! Highly recommend.
  • So i am very glad I bought these! I have tried them both in my CRV and my GMC Canyon and they fit great. They stick nicely to the window and they are small enough i could roll the window down a little also. These come nicely packaged and definitely do their job!
  • We were looking for a new sun shade for our second car and these are wonderful. It keeps the strong sunlight out of our kids face and still lets them look out the window. They have extra suction cups for the just in case. So far the shades are sticking around and my kids are happier they do not have the sun blaring in their face.
  • Such an amazing product! Great product for people who have infants. As a new mom I often worry about the sun waking my newborn, and of course the heat.The product reduced the heat in the back seat making it safe for my baby.
  • Fantastic books. I bought the complete set of 5 books for my cousin's daughters as a gift. They love them. If you want to teach your kids to be good people of the world but also be loyal and respectful people then these are your books. Teaches values, morals, self respect, and mutual respect.
  • I have enjoyed this book a lot with its lovely pictures and nice story written in a poem form. This is a positive book for young children and leaves you with a good feeling. It would help children to focus on their inner beauty and peaceful nature. It would also stimulate children's imagination and creativity.

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