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Posted on May 08, 2015 by Ashley Armstrong

You know how in the new Cinderella movie, Ella always says “Have courage, Be kind” over and over, as a reminder from her mother? That’s exactly how Starlight & Sunny books are! 

The book is actually the author’s voice as a mom, sharing the situations and events in her and her children's life. The characters are her beautiful girls.  It’s a pretty cool way to immortalize your unconditional love for your children & the lessons you would want to teach them. All the while, sharing it with the world & unintentionally leaving a legacy.

It’s actually a brilliant idea and quite an admirable one. Not everyone has the guts to create her own book just to be able to leave something for her kids when she's gone. It’s very personal, relatable & real. 

You might be wondering--who in the world is Starlight & Sunny? Well, Starlight & Sunny are two joyful & adventurous sisters, who go wherever their imagination takes them. During these adventures, they learn something that will stay with them forever.

There are a lot of children’s books out there, created to entertain children visually or verbally, but they don’t really touch base. The Adventures of Starlight & Sunny Series is not your average children’s book.

More than illustrations or stories, it’s a life hack meant to guide children (even adults!) on how to positively and consciously live. Through wonderful  illustrations & poem style story-telling, it teaches the greatest values & skills every kid and person should know--- courage, kindness, compassion, patience, respect, empathy, independence, love.  I could list all the positive adjectives this book promotes, but I might run out of time. That’s how awesome it is.

The first book in the series, The Princess Path, is generally about going on an adventure to finding happiness and doing good deeds along the way. It encourages kids to be big-hearted & not selfish, to help others and find inner beauty, because it will go a long way.

The words are simple, and easy to understand, but they speak to the adult or parent. These books provide the perfect platform for communication to start between the parent and the child. In many cases, the parent will compare the situation in the book to their life, and this is where the parent and child bond will strengthen. It definitely tickles the heart.

Such a fun way to mold the future generation and there is 5 more books in the series! Remember, this is more than just a book, it is a product, made of love, to spread more love!  You should grab your copies while they last!            

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Featured Author: Ashley Sage-Taylor Armstrong

Posted on August 01, 2014 by Ashley Armstrong

The Adventures of  Starlight and Sunny is Ashley's big debut. What began as an impromptu daily discussions with her two young daughters, it slowly blossomed into a best-selling children's book series. She's currently working on her untitled natural life and health related guide. We can't wait to see what imaginative yarn she weaves next!


Ashley Sage-Taylor Armstrong, NHP. was born and raised outside of Peterborough, Ont. Canada. Where she grew up in cottage country on a lake, that was rich with all kinds of wild life, fields, forests and the perfect setting for a child's imagination and creativity.

Born into a competitive pro athletic family, predominantly in the snow sports industry, she quickly became aware of the healthy lifestyle her parents instilled through food, exercise, sports and a keen positive, hard working mental attitude towards team sports and then with life's challenges.

She later found her calling in the holistic field of the consciousness, the vibrational tendencies of people, places, things and food became her greatest interest. For she is constantly continuing her studies in anything alternative from medicine to therapies of, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and nutritional health. Working on the entire circumference of one life's, not just the problem at hand. Her next challenge is her PhD of Integrated Medicine.

Ashley, is known in her communities as a leader, for her inspirational work as a NHP, a Natural Health Practitioner of Natural Medicine and Alternative Therapies, As well as a Child Birth Educator and a Family Guide. Her love of everything natural, has led to an exciting life helping others, either in their homes, in her office, as well as, running the only international local mother support group. 

Her passion is not one sided, for she is a true artist with many facets and expertise, from high end jewelry designing, painting, creating probiotics drinks, vegetarian and raw foods, and now authoring her real life skills and morally conscious children's books. Where she hopes to spread the joyous love and conscious skills and morals, she learns everyday from her clients, husband and two darling daughters. With opportunity to travel back and forth between her homes in Vancouver, Canada and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, she is always over whelmed with the love and support she gets from family, friends and clients.

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