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Starlight and Sunny
Improving Family Life
Knowledge and Understanding

“If you ask for something, but really, you feel you are undeserving of it, you are planting weeds in your garden of dreams !”

We are a family first and a company second. Starlight and Sunny is based off two beautiful little girls, who really know how to enjoy life, learning it’s meaning, and growing into it.

A book series flourished when, a mother wanted to record her version of important life lessons and skills, for her girls. In a way that, if anything where to ever happen to her, she would leave behind something that still gave her girls guidance.


After 6 books and a best seller, the line of wonderful family and child related products started, and here we are today. We strive to make sure our customers are happy and we will go to great lengths to make sure that happens. We love developing new products and solving problems. We are so grateful for our supportive community of clients that love all our products and can’t wait for more. We are based in Canada, we love to travel, explore, learn and share ..... rinse and repeat. 


Please feel free to contact us, as our doors are always open.