CLIP ON PLASTIC SUCTION CUPS by Starlight and Sunny, easy to stick, easy to remove, for car sunshades, sun visors, baby sunshades for your car.

  • This is a 4 piece set, of clip on suction cups. It does not come with the sunshades, sun visor, car sun shades or any other attachment.
  • The suction cup, suction cup mount, aquarium suction cups, hand suction cup, glass suction cups, can be used for many products and items.
  • These are heavy duty suction cups, specifically designed suction cups for glass and other flat surfaces.
  • These suction cups without hooks, are more versatile, and will pair with most car sunshade models on Amazon.


This is a 4 piece set ONLY, of clip on suction cups. It does not come with the sunshades, or any other attachment.

These work best on glass surfaces, but have been successful with bathroom fixtures and tiles, motorhomes, boats, bedrooms, mirrors, lockers and many more.

These suction cups are sold as extras, for the best selling car sunshade by Starlight and Sunny, The Easy Stick Window Sunshades. The cups are of the highest quality and will hold tight for months straight.

If the cups get pinched during shipping and do not stick, please place them in hot water for a few minutes, then stick them to a window until cool. This will reshape the cups and provide the longest lasting suction action.

Please check the images above for product confirmation and order while supplies last.

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