The Secret Valley

Book Two in The Adventures of Starlight and Sunny Series, “The Secret Valley”, How to be happy. To find inner beauty and peace, with positive conscious morals, Picture Book for baby to 3 and ages 4-8

Come join Starlight and Sunny, a pair of happy, adventurous sisters who go wherever their imagination takes them. Whether under their bed, in their back yard or far from home, these darling girls always follow imagination’s lead.

You may find them wriggling into a fancy costume, playing heroes, petting a puppy, or searching for buried treasure. One things for sure; wherever you find Starlight and Sunny, adventure will not be far behind.

Come along as we see what adventures and lessons the girls will discover today and like Starlight and Sunny, you will find happiness, in its truest way.

You can begin the Adventure with
Book one, The "Princess Path", How to do good deeds.
Book two, "The secret Valley", How to be happy.
Book three, "I am me! Who are you?", How to pick quality friends and stand up to bullies.
Book Four, "Princesses Don't Need a Job !" How to be an independent Entrepreneur.

Keep your eye open for the next adventure coming soon, Book 5, “Building a Dream” How to focus and make your dreams come to life.

What lesson is your favorite? To find out more about Starlight and Sunny, you can follow them on Facebook or go to

A few wonderful reviews:
“ This book is for every mom and dad who wants their child to start their lives by sharing from an enlightened, self-empowered perspective.”
Julia Hidy 2013, Book 2

“It was wonderful to see the lesson that they got from the story as well as their ability to relate to the story. I love children's books that teach lessons and this one does it better than any other children's story that I have read!”
Kim 2013, Book 3


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